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Viam supervadet vadens

Building a legal services model for tomorrow's world, today

At PONTEM the future is now. Our vision is to bring the legal services model of tomorrow to our clients today.

We have launched the Scuola Legale Diffusa, an innovative concept of legal service delivering.

By working in close collaboration with some of the world's leading universities, lawyers, experts, real estate professionals, doctors, health and beauty care & moda & design & tourism professionals and others, we have the central offices in Sicily (Italy). 

We are harnessing the power of science, research and evolution in combination with a mindful approach to law and legal services.  


This form of legal service allows us to offer a complete and complex legal service delivering. As the world in which we - and our clients - operate changes, we aim to keep one step in front.

Based on Mindfulness, Design Thinking and Complexity, we are already positively thinking about the solutions that will shape our sector - as well as the transformation of our legal services model. PONTEM brings together a wide range of initiatives to ensure we remain at the forefront of advances in legal service delivery. It is this approach that prepares us best and our clients for the future.


What is PONTEM?

“Let's build bridges, not walls. "

Martin Luther King Jr

PONTEM  is one of three core pillars ( 3P )

of our  Innovation strategy . Its purpose is to make sure that we are creating bridges but not walls, to have well-being future. It is a unique ecosystem in which ideas are explored naturally to bring about new ways of working, of collaboration. And it is all supported by meditation practice, strong research and digital transformation - putting in place a framework in which we can proactively engage with change and evolution.

PONTEM: This is our approach

One of the most integral aims of PONTEM is to deliver value to our clients . That is why we always ask how we can improve our legal service model.


By following a consistent and committed path, we are bringing about change for the better - not just for us as the law firm of choice, but for our clients and the wider sector too.

This is how we are working to achieve that:

Ancora 2

Mindfulness, Design Thinking and Complexity

We recognize and value the importance of making the right investments to reach the goals we want to see. To us, this means we invest in our people - to provide training to our internal team in emotional intelligence, in mindfulness, in environment affects strategy, in solving problems by prioritizing the client's needs above all else, while creating wellness, work-life balance , an open and encouraging environment in which new ideas can be generated.

Research and Evolution

S & R & E is at the heart of what we do. The power of evolution is revealed through the diversity of life. We invest in research and development, wanting to grow by developing new services. Our research is informed by the legal practice SleLAWorld does. Using the insights that we can gather and applying them to our legal service model, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the legal sector.

Collaboration, Transformation and Well-being

By fostering ideas through collaboration between mindfulness, science and business, we create a natural ecosystem for people to come together to share and develop new ideas that will shape our sector. It includes clients, leading academic institutions, the lawyers, the professionals and our own team. It also includes trailblazing tech start-ups with new ideas for what a legal service model should be.

PONTEM: What it can do for you - and for us

The evolution of our legal service model is going to shape what we do - and how we do it. But it isn't all about us and our internal team. It is about how we better serve our clients. And there are opportunities for other collaborators / partners to get involved too. The benefits of collaboration are going to be felt across the legal sector - and across the world.

For our clients

Our investment in a new legal service model will help our clients achieve well-being and success. It means, as one of our clients, you can trust us to be faster, simpler and more efficient in our service delivery. As the world changes, Pons is going to ensure that we are both ready for what comes next.

For doctors, other professionals, start-ups and other partners

We work in collaboration with a series of different partners: universities,  lawyers, experts, real estate professionals, doctors, health and beauty care & moda & design & tourism professionals and others, tech start-ups and other leading legal innovators. PONTEM is a platform where digital transformation helps us in mindfulness, design thinking and complexity; providing access to resources and opportunities to facilitate a culture of awareness, research and evolution.

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of collaborators / partners as part of the PONTEM Diffuso-led approach. If you are interested in working in collaboration with us, you can join others such as:

Making Coffee_edited.jpg

In addition to these collaborations, we also actively      invest in - and support - legal research.


Why partner with us?

We have been at the forefront of the Italian (Sicilian) legal sector. It is a core part of who we are, what we do and how we deliver  value to our clients .
We do not believe in standing still and always look for new ways to refresh our legal service model - ensuring it stands up to anything the future holds for our sector and our clients.

Pontem adds further momentum to our continual search for the tools and services that will guide our evolution. But we cannot do it alone. This is why we embrace the spirit of collaboration.

We want to offer an ecosystem in which sciencific research, digital transformation and mindfulness are second nature. In it, we encourage the generation of new ideas and development of the best solutions. In partnership with us, you have the potential to make a real difference. Contact our team today and find out how, together, we can reshape the global legal sector.


Create Future

Explore how mindfulness , the latest news, global trends and developments in economy, science, resources, processes and legal technology are impacting legal service models. 

Get all the insights from our team and see how we can work together to change the sector for the better. 

Create Case Studies

By bringing together our specialist expertise and mindfulness with the smartest tools and resources, we deliver an outstanding client experience, improving outcomes for our clients, on every matter, every time.

Browse our case studies to see how we use mindfulness, complexity and design thinking to push the boundaries of innovation in the legal sector.

Meet the PONTEM Team

Our team brings together a genuine depth of legal knowledge with science, mindfulness and proven track record in digital innovation. It is our belief that our ambition to reshape our legal service model can only succeed with the right people. And that starts with our own internal team.
We are here to answer the questions that you have about PONTEM and what we want to achieve.


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