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Olga Nickole Kuyan


"A good lawyer cannot win a case without a good client and a good arbitrator/judge".

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Prof.Olga Nickole Kuyan, Dr, from the an ancient noble Chulkov family, is legal consulent, legal expert, Head of our Business and Research Hub, Chair at the International Court of Arbitration.

She has more than 25 years' experience specializing in domestic and international Italian civil, family, inheritance, real estate, business law, Brussels-Lugano regime, recognition and enforcement of non-EU judgement in Europe, human rights protection.

Her activities are aimed at clients wellbeing and the right to pursue happiness to respond to global challenges facing modern business and persons.
She relates to diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited in Italy.
Her professional activity has awards and gratitudes.
Olga Nickole is also highly experienced international researcher and Chair of our Series on Mindfulness. She is an author of different legal articles and monographs that received the awards.
She is also Co-Chair of the Scuola Diffusa.

Contact details

Curriculum Vitae

Palermo, Cefalù, Catania (Sicilia)

+39 3451655699

Speaks Russian, English, Italian

Olga Nickole has two academic degrees:

- PhD in Private Law, Roman Law, European Legal Culture, the University of Pavia, Italy (thesis: Damage Reimbursement);

-  PhD (Candidate of legal sciences) in Civil Law, Civil Procedural Law, Family Law, International Private Law, at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (thesis: Judicial Discretion)

Both her dissertations are of key interest. They, both, were named "high-quality and pioneering research".


Olga Nickole lives in Italy since 2010.

During her time in Italy she has been winning several professional international competitions.


At the beginning of her career she was a first instance judge.

At the moment she believes in private justice: arbitration and alternative dispute-resolution techniques.
Before becoming Judge-Arbitrator of International Court of Arbitration, Olga spent 16 years as Associate Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Law Faculty, as Visiting Professor at different Italian and European Universities and as Of Counsel at international legal firms.

   Olga Nickole works across a wide range of sectors including:


quantum law project, Mediterranean lifestyle, business and personal wellbeing,

business and personal mindfulness.

Her work activity includes: judging,

legal counseling,

legal support,


teaching at all academic levels and consciousness teaching.

Olga Nickole is experienced teacher, consulent/expert, with the qualifications, expertise and experience and success working with business and persons.
Her experience means that she has in-depth knowledge on how to deal with problematic cases and how to resolve them out-of-court in a timely manner – which in turn reduces costs and stress for clients.
Olga Nickole has been having a rich experience of retreats since 2011.
Examples of her specialized classes include mindful lawyers/judges becoming political actors, mystic lawyer/judge/politician/diplomat, mandala, dakini, enlightened feminine, mind-body practices to reduce stress, to be happy and healthy.
She's a polymath, social worker, essayist. She has publications and gratitudes from clients.
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