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Mindfulness Approach

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Mindfulness Approach Initiative
for Clients, Lawyers/Professionals, Collaborators


Christmas. Natale.

24 December 2021

Our greetings to you!

святое семейство филонов.jpg

First Research Project

15 December 2021

Research & Best Delivery Hub Pontem 0921, Studio Legale Lauricella, launches its first research project "Mehr Licht! -"


Award Elegantia Iuris

15 December 2021

Studio Legale Lauricella is launching Elegantia Iuris - inaugural Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, targeting Integral Ecology and human rights causes.
We invite all persons, both natural and legal, both public and private, to participate in future Integral Ecology and human rights protection modeling.


Glasgow Climate Change Conference -October-November 2021. Youth4Climate. 

03 November 2021

6 years after the Paris Climate Agreement appointment in 2021 for strong, global and ambitious action.

Studio Legale Lauricella's contribute.


Pontem, Porta, Praesto

01 October 2021

Studio legale Lauricella launches two new innovation units: the next stage of the firm's Research and Best Delivery strategy


It's fun to walk together

15 September 2021

Studio Legale Lauricella announces its 2021 results with the Initiative  It's fun to walk together : Focus on strategy underpins continued growth and resilience.


Series on Mindfulness Initiative

06 September 2021

Studio Legale Lauricella Gets Creative in Response to Growing Mental Health Concerns.


Golden Hours Initiative

07 September 2021

Golden Hours Initiative for our Team, Professionals, Collaborators and for our Clients. 

Create Time for Your Wellbeing.


Scuola Legale Diffusa

01 September 2021

We launch Scuola Legale Diffusa, a Mediterranean approach 

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