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Initiative Pontem, Porta, Praesto

International law school SleLAWorld based in Sicily has today announced the next evolution in the school's legal and interdisciplinary Research and Best Delivery strategy, with the launch of two new units, Porta and Pontem, supported by an updated leadership and governance structure.

The new Best Delivery and Research Leadership Group, mandated by the school's Founder Olga Nickole Kuyan and Varvara Lepre
, as partner and  the school's Global Creative Head, will set priorities, targets and allocate investment to support the school's strategic goal of delivering an outstanding student/client service experience, through the optimal use of the school's extensive knowledge capability and smart technology, through the deployment of the right resources and best processes for each matter and by conducting the research, embracing innovation and new ways of working. As well as the school's Praesto, it will oversee:

Porta - the door to the Mediterranean lifestyle and from the Mediterranean lifestyle to the globe, being the part of the genuine local Mediterranean community, drawing attention of the clients to Sicily, to Mediterranean lifestyle, so that they can become its part; the place, powered by the technology, designed to provide increasingly efficient, consistent and high-quality outcomes to different client challenges. Services in the Porta suite will be run in a unique manner to every client and using a range of flexible business models that will enable more effective legal services. Existing successful Initiatives, such as Mediterranean Initiative, the Studio Legale Diffuso and the firm's Mindfulness tool, will become part of this unit.

Pontem - will bring together the school's initiatives that underpin its innovation ecosystem, ensuring the firm stays at the forefront of the advances that will shape the sector and the firm's future client service model. This includes Scuola Legale Diffusa, with central offices in Sicily (Italy), which will foster internal idea generation and interdisciplinary solution development.
The school's existing wide-ranging collaborations will also come under the umbrella of Pontem. This includes its partnerships with students, clients, lawyers, leading academic institutions, experts, real estate professionals, doctors, health and beauty care & moda & design & tourism professionals. Pontem will also lead the school's support for research and legal tech start-ups, including through the firm's new Pontem 0921 , part of the school's Research & Best Delivery Hub in Cefalu.

During the past year, SleLAWorld has significantly expanded its Best Delivery infrastructure with the establishment of the collaboration with the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Palermo (Italy).

The school's Praesto strategy brings together our specialist expertise with the mindfulness tools and resources.

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