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Our Story

As a firm, we look to the future rather than to the past. While the roots of our firm stretch back to Italy (Sicily) of the early 1990s, our story is more about a series of moments linked with changes.

1993 - 2015

Today's Studio Legale Lauricella came into being when successful Avv. Pietro Lauricella and his son Avv. Salvatore Lauricella began to work together at the law firm. Their work was predicated on the shared belief that the italian and foreign clients would seek legal advice in Italy that was able to look beyond borders or narrow areas of expertise.

2015 - today
Then, in 2015, Studio Legale Lauricella udertook a major pass: Avv. Pietro Lauricella has been enrolled in the special register of lawyers admitted to practice before the Court of Cassation & other Higher Courts 
and the international lawyer and Prof. Olga Nickole Kuyan joined the firm.

We expanded our activity as geograthically so scientifically.

Bt this day, we remain the law firm with real breadth and depth of expertise across Europe, Italy (Sicily), Russia and the Americas.

At this point, it should be said that the firm's policy is based on a fundamental principle to assist its client with high professionalism. The client is followed step by step by a professional expert in a specific sector thanks, therefore, to the adoption of the network between professionals.



A small body of determined spirits
fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history

Focusing on the future and anticipating evolving client needs is not only about understanding where clients will need legal advice but also about how they want that service delivered. During the past few years, Studio Legale Lauricella has been at the forefront of developments that have changed fundamentally the management of law firms – from the adoption of IT system- to investment in 'best-in-class' researching, learning and development to creation of Studio Legale Diffuso and business research center in Cefalu, Sicily. But whatever changes we have anticipated in the past are nothing compared with those that lie ahead of us. Our sights are set firmly on staying in the vanguard of the legal industry as it evolves to meet the demands of a more complex, faster changing, more connected world.

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