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Praesto et presto

The mindful approach to legal service delivery

Post fata resurgo


No crystals, no chanting, we focus on concrete tools our team can apply right away to improve the quality of lawyering. We are evidence-based thinkers, which is why there is nothing new-age or esoteric in our practices. We apply mindfulness in a secular style rooted in the scientific research around mindfulness and well-being. 

New ways of working offer the potential to improve our legal operations across the board. Here we pride ourselves on being early adopters.

Our mission is to achieve the highest standard in legal service delivery, creating the greatest possible value for our clients.

Combining a focus on your needs with our mindful legal service delivery, we provide market leading project management, process, resourcing and technology solutions that provide outstanding value.

Our mindful culture empowers our lawyers to innovate. Practicing mindfulness, using leading edge technology and working alongside specialists, our team constantly strives to establish the best way of delivering legal services to our clients.  We get the right tasks to the right people, fully leveraging our expertise and driving enhanced performance.

We call it Mindful Delivery.

A legal service delivery model that works for you

Mindful Delivery is core to the services we provide to our clients. By empowering our teams with the skills and tools of mindfulness, we can transform our legal service delivery to you, today.

But this is not something that we do alone.

Our approach is rooted in the Scuola Legale Diffusa, in collaboration.

To us in Sicily that means working in tandem with our worldwide collaborators and clients to ensure that we deliver solutions that are unique to clients' needs while also supplying our team & collaborators with the most efficient and modern ways of working.

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