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Without research there is no future. Pontem 0921 is our first interdisciplinary research lab - a strategic space that unites our lawyers / professionals, our clients and the wider legal community.

The purpose of Pontem 0921 is to discover the future of collaboration between business and research for the good of everyone and of legal services through research, education and collaboration. The ultimate aim? To help our clients, our collaborators prepare and adapt to the future through research, a process of exploration and innovation.

Pontem 0921 helps clients and collaborators understand what scientific research, world heritage and innovation can mean to them and what is required to effectively embrace it.

Our research will be conducted in Cefalu, UNESCO World Heritage and the home of Aleister Crowley in Italy (Villa Santa Barbara, Thelema Abbey).

When for the first time Aleister Crowley expressed the idea that there is no one truth, but that everyone must follow his own Truth (the idea of complexity), the moral and dogmatic pressure of the Church and of bourgeois "respectability" was truly suffocating. Everyone was experiencing a life crisis.

Business research helps to identify opportunities and threats. It helps identify problems and using this information, wise decisions can be made to tackle the issue appropriately. It helps to understand customers better and hence can be useful to communicate better.


Our Initiative goes in line with iHERITAGE : ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage to contribute together to the promotion of the protection, enhancement and management of the UNESCO heritage sites, to enhance access to UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Mediterranean region through research, collaboration and ICT tools. 

Pontem 0921 is supported by the University of Palermo, Sicily - and, together, we are working to shape the legal services model of tomorrow so that our clients can benefit today.


Pontem 0921 builds on an ongoing commitment to contribute to an ecosystem of research-business-client collaboration and innovation as we see the increasing pace of change.

PONTEM 0921 and innovation: what it means for you

Client engagement and collaboration

Pontem 0921 fosters the relationships that give us true insight into what our clients need. We adopt a client engagement model that allows us to conduct the research in a way that brings value to our clients.

See some case study examples of how Pontem 0921 helps clients here

Lawyer / professionals education and engagement

We engage with our lawyers, collaborators, professionals and clients to build momentum in, raise mindfulness and excite people about the opportunities that mindfulness, research (science) and digital transformation can present. We work with our lawyers / professionals to find the best ways to help you using mindful people, mindful research and technology. Join our Series on Mindfulness!

Research-based thought leadership

Together with leading Universities, for everyone's good, Pontem 0921 supports the business-research combination in the legal sector through the research and thought leadership.

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