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La nostra squadra.

Who we are and how we work

We are the International law school, with significant depth and range of resources in Italy (Sicily) and across the world

We follow the Principles on Business and Human Rights, we combine business and research, we are a Mindful Team.
As a single, integrated ecosystem,
Scuola Legale Diffusa, we pride ourselves on our approachable, collegial and collaborators-based way of working. Our Scuola Legale Diffusa supports its territory, small and midsize businesses of the zone, and attracts everyone's attention to the Mediterranean Lifestyle, good for health, environment and climate.

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients in any area (from health care to investment through tourism and real estate), which include legal persons from all the commercial and industrial sectors, the financial investors, local governments, trade bodies, not-for-profit organizations and physical persons. We provide them with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the Firm's high standards with in-depth local expertise.

Last, but not least, we aim to be easy to work with, down to earth and approachable.

Putting clients well-being first

We expect our people to put the interests of our clients first: through Golden Hours, Series on Mindfulness, we invest in understanding client needs, their operating context and the opportunities and challenges they face.

Giving practical advice

We give practical advice: we draw on the huge range and depth of our expertise to develop commercial, effective solutions for clients.

Creating the best team

We invest in our team's well-being, we believe in the power of teams, rather than individuals: to secure successful outcomes, we create collaborations, bringing together people with just the right mix of sector, product and professional knowledge.

Nurturing a culture with mindfulness, integrity and respect at its core

We are committed to nurturing a culture founded on robust ethical standards, professional integrity, responsibility, accountability, inclusiveness and kindness.

Our values-based Code of Conduct sets the standard for what we expect of ourselves and of each other.

Investing in the future

We invest for the future: we have always taken the view that we must invest today to build the firm our clients will need 15, 20 or more years into the future. As a result, our resources are second to none, whether our people, our know-how, our approach to client service, or our sheer geographic footprint across Italy, Russia and the world.


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