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Series on Mindfulness Initiative

Many working professionals continue to struggle with mental health issues caused or exacerbated by the COVID -19 pandemic.

Mental health and substance abuse problems have been on the radar of our law firm since well before the pandemic.

Also we have had a particular hard time coping with pandemic-related challenges our team, collaborators, clients had met.

The best thing we can do is to be encouraged and to encourage, continuing our efforts to mitigate mental health concerns.

One of the main priorities of the Scuola Legale Diffuso for this term is increasing mindfulness, awareness of mental health issues and improving mental wellbeing of lawyers and other professionals. It’s a matter of the rule of law, to fulfill our role of stewardship by insulating legal principles against the challenges of the future.

We, the SleLAWorld, make Series on Mindfulness available as a way of increasing well-being, balance, effectiveness and of improving legal services delivering.

The Series on Mindfulness is a part of our Mindfulness Approach Initiative.

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- Daniel J. Siegel

“Oftentimes, people hear the word ‘mindfulness’ and think ‘religion’..

..but the reality is that focusing our attention in this way is a biological process that promotes health – as a form of brain hygiene – not a religion. Various religions may encourage this health-promoting practice, but learning the skill of mindful awareness is simply a way of cultivating what we have defined as the integration of consciousness"

to focus your attention, your awareness on the present moment, on your thoughts, on your body, on your feelings – a powerful skill, a way of living, a concept to help improve your physical and mental health and your overall well being.

To be mindful..

is a simple practice of paying attention to your moment-by-moment experience.

While the benefits of meditation have been understood for centuries, recent studies in neuroscience and psychology suggest that regular practice increases the ability to concentrate, anchances perceptual acuity and resolution, and increases one’s ability to make empathic connections and be present with challenging situations.

Meditation can also reduce stress, increase immune response, and increase positive emotions.

Mindfulness meditation..

If and how one ‘practices’ mindfulness is personal- only we know what works best for ourselves.

aimes at educating lawyers/professionals on the issue and on how to practice mindfulness themselves.

The Series on Mindfulness..

readers will be able to learn from those who have taken seriously the study and practice of mindfulness.

In the Series..

Our Series



is open to individuals of all backgrounds, orientations, religious affiliations, career aspirations and levels of skepticism

Team member/collaborator who is new to meditation and eager to experience the benefits

often asks how best to begin. The best approach depends on each individual’s learning style and schedule, however one of the following approaches is likely to work for most people:

- Join us in our every day Series on Mindfulness, Saturday and Sunday excluding
- Follow our Case Studies and News Zones
- Use the Golden Hours also for meditation

How we continue our efforts to mitigate mental health concerns could have huge implications for the well-being of our professionals and clients in the long-term.

If we truly want to improve our mental health, we need to remain creative and zen

in our approach, forgetting the failures of the old Initiatives, and celebrating – as well as multiplying – the new ones.

The article titled “Finding Ways to Be Lawyers in Today's World, Calling to Have the Courage to Make Changes. Mindfulness Matters: Thought, Attention, Awakening.”

by Prof. ON Kuyan, Dr, PhD, is the scientific foundation for our approach.

Join our team as collaborator, client to get access to our Series on Mindfulness.

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