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Sicily makes the difference

Prof. Olga Nickole Kuyan

10 Dec 2021

Choosing us means you’ll get involved in real Sicilian Mediterranean Lifestyle

What is the Difference Between Italy and Sicily? Sicily is an island right at the toe of the Italian boot. Sicily has belonged to Italy since 1860. Historically speaking Sicily is influenced by many countries. The influences are still visible today within cultural traditions and historical sites. The Sicilian language is also slightly different but can be considered more an Italian dialect.
Sicily as a whole is safe, there aren't any areas that are considered particularly dangerous or unsafe. Traveling to Sicily feels a bit different than traveling to the mainland of Italy. Traveling to an island is always different. Let’s find out what these differences are.
Mediterranean Sicily loves the sense of time – for a leisurely lunch, a gelato, a stroll along the marina - Sicily lives in the moment. Mediterranean Sicily loves the timelessness: its architecture and its cuisine are incredible and varied. Mediterranean Sicily incorporates a blend rooted from Arabic, Hebrew, Byzantine, and Norman backgrounds, unlike Mediterranean Italy that is more like a blend of Spain and France.
And I love the indomitable spirit of the Sicilians, their anarchy in the face of authority a vestige of centuries of foreign domination and maladministration.
Sicily is inspiring. It takes balls to live here – for Sicilians, too, but especially for foreigners.
Do you want to start a business, to build a home in Sicily?
In your choice you should not be conditioned by the possibility of error, because what you need is an idea. So if you are thinking of investing your economic resources in a business activity or in life in Sicily, this region offers various investment solutions in constantly growing sectors such as HEALTH, FITNESS and WELLNESS.
You know well that the crisis can limit the fields of action and remove even the most daring IDEAS, but looking around you can see that precisely these sectors have not been bent by the modern collapse.
To better understand how to invest in Sicily and which house or business model to choose, let yourself be guided by those who already have experience and can be a decisive support for starting your business or you life in Sicily: in this sense, the first thing you could do is to address to a recognized Sicilian law firm.
Why choose us? At Studio Legale Lauricella, we embrace people as individuals. We know that celebrating who you are makes you better at what you want or do.
Our Sicilian Law firm is made up of people with varied experiences and backgrounds (as Sicily itself) who make extraordinary things possible for our clients and collaborators. What keeps us together is Mediterranean Sicilian culture, and we think it is exceptional.
We are not only defined by our service delivery and ability to achieve the best outcome for our clients, but also by our ability to work in the team as trusted mindful specialists, innovators and thinkers who value diversity and inclusion in all its forms.
At Studio Legale Lauricella, our zazen, collaborative and mindfulness-based culture is the glue which has held us together, allowing us to grow, to keep calm, to be resilient and embrace challenges.
Choosing us means you’ll get involved in real Sicilian Mediterranean Lifestyle, receiving the fruits of our challenging and varied work, including matters of the utmost commercial significance - all the while benefiting from the work of some of the most respected lawyers and business professionals in the industry.
I invite you to turn to Studio Legale Lauricella, to a special place that empowers you to build your future in Mediterranean Sicily and take advantage of opportunities to be happy and healthy, succeed and grow.

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