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Studio Legale Lauricella

7 Oct 2021

Studio Legale Lauricella launches its first research lab, Pontem 0921

Legal and interdisciplinary research initiative will sit at the heart of the firm's Cefalu Research & Best Delivery Hub.

Researchers put much energy and passion into improving research, yet the states/EU do not seem to care much. Just when the coronavirus pandemic has shown us that a multi- and interdisciplinary approach is the only way to face systemic challenges, policymakers have slashed the European Commission budget for research.
Yes, we comprehend the budget complexity. The complexity of addressing these issues can be explained by looking at the process of commission budget negotiations. But the result knocks down: researchers are left on their own; the researches are being hindered by the policymakers.
So far, the state/EU budget remains the main source of funding for science. The state/EU is a monopolist in the financing of science. Hundreds of thousands of researchers are at the mercy of European/National funding policy. So far, most companies have not taken the initiative to fight for their future. So far, academics keep the discussion in their community, they are rarely involved in conversations about it: there is no historical tradition of reaching out to business and industry.

Leading Italian Law Firm Studio Legale Lauricella will fill this gap.
We have launched Pontem 0921, an initiative to identify opportunities and threats, to pilot new solutions and services offering to clients. Supported by the University of Palermo and in collaboration with iHERITAGE: ICT Mediterranean platform and Business|Science Network, Pontem 0921 will bring together universities and researchers, collaborators, start-ups and developers, to share knowledge and develop new legal services tools and solutions for real-life business and people challenges. It is time for us to fight for our future — and for business to support scientific research. We, intelligent business, understand that science is important and try to fund it. Only by collaborating more fully researchers and companies will be able to resolve the concerns.

Pontem 0921 will be part of the firm's Research & Best Delivery Hub based in Cefalu, Mediterranean Unesco Heritage, and will play an important role in the firm's innovation programme focused on fostering ideas through the Pontem. The launch of Pontem 0921 will add further momentum to the firm's pursuit of new knowledge that has the potential to create significant value for clients and to evolve traditional law firm operating models.

We are very excited to be working with universities and researchers to promote the latest thinking, methodologies and technology across the industry and challenge enshrined industry norms.
Pontem 0921 builds on our ongoing commitment to contribute to an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

Subject to their position in the research cycle, participants who are invited to join Pontem 0921 would have access to:

- Insights from Studio Legale Lauricella, the collaborators and the clients on problem areas and opportunities where new solutions could be used to change legale services and to transform the legal services delivering
- Feedback and mentoring from Studio Legale Lauricella, our collaborators and our clients on ideas and services that are in either conceptual or early stage development
- Link up with other innovators to co-create
- A collaborative workspace
Partner with Studio Legale Lauricella on developing a new legal solution

Pontem 0921 is the latest development in Studio Legale Lauricella's legal and interdisciplinary Research and Best Delivery strategy, launched in October 2021.
The firm's investment in Research and legal technology has already resulted in several advancements in client service delivery. This includes the successful launches of Mindful lawyering, a tool for clients, the key to creative problem solving which benefits our lawyers, our clients—and, perhaps, society at large. Pontem 0921 will build on these successes, with the aim of fostering initiatives to drive similar innovation across the globe.

The announcement of Initiative Elegantia iuris follows Pontem 0921.

To register your interest, go to: Initiative Elegantia iuris

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