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Before COP26, How to Change the Reality.

Prof. Olga Nickole Kuyan

7 Sept 2021

Lawyers Step In. Studio Legale Lauricella is launching the New Golden Hours Initiative, for Being Stronger Together.

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, UK. We Studio Legale Lauricella have broadly welcomed a UN climate deal.

Today let’s start with a question : are we sure that earthly life will one day end, and what do we want to leave behind us, a land that is more desperate or more in love?

We the leading Italian (Sicilian) Law Firm are launching Golden Hours Initiative to call for the collaboration to evidence a growing momentum around climate action, to win in resolving the rules around carbon markets etc and to assuage vulnerable countries’ concerns about long-promised climate financing from rich nations etc... in total to change the reality.

Golden Hours Initiative is for our team, collaborators, clients, for all and everyone.

Golden Hours Initiative is
-to turn people's attention to the Environmental Movement, to attract them to environmentalism.
-to awake people;
-to push them to look inside themselves.

We live in a generation where most people are aware of terms such as environmental science, global warming, and sustainability. However, this has not always been the case. Humans saw themselves as separate from nature. For generations, humans have been degrading the environment in pursuit of personal and financial gains. In some cases, they do not know the effects of their actions. But oftentimes, they simply do not want the consequences of their actions on the environment known to the public. Humans justify these actions of dominance and superiority over the environment when they view themselves as separate from nature. What has humanity managed to do, separating? Humans have made the sin of division from the miracle of uniqueness and diversity. The only answer is clear: we need an enemy to grow, we need obstacles to evolve, to challenge ourselves and bring out the best in ourselves. Is it enough as an answer? Human beings do not know.

We the leading Italian (Sicilian) Law Firm know, following Etty Hillesum: “That is your disease; you want to capture life in formulas of your own. You want to embrace all aspects of life with your intellect instead of allowing... ... yourself to be embraced by life. You want to create the world all over again each time, instead of enjoying it as it is. There is something compulsive about it all”. There are two outcomes to humans seeing themselves as separate from nature: destruction and mediation.

We are sure that European society has been experiencing a severe moral crisis, attributed to the environment, the finance, the health system, the economy, the legislation, the judiciary etc.
Our Golden Hours Initiative is to create harmless, nontoxic, safe culture.

It’s thought that Europeans can achieve a better life, Well-being, by reforming state structures or the laws.
Instead, we the leading Italian (Sicilian) law firm call for going further upstream, to a human being, to one who acts in politics, economy, executive power, judiciary etc and to think of a new form of humanity, with achievable justice and protected human rights and Nature.

We see the way not in the disengagement, but in the tenacious, humble, daily work that takes care of the earth and its wounds, of human beings and their tears, always choosing human against nonhuman.

When the rights to life, health, food, water and sanitation of human being become more important than human life, health, food, water and sanitation, when religion becomes more important than consciousness, conscience (thought), when religious practice with its external aspects becomes more important than internal motivations and love, it is time to return to the essential.

The Studio Legale Lauricella calls a human being to harmonise, synchronize his three brains.
We invite all and everyone to go to the human navel point, that’s according to Yogi Bhajan, “sometimes misunderstood, but it is the most active point in the entire body”.

The Golden Hours Initiative can support our team, collaborators, clients:
- in seeking the Neutral Mind.
- in climbing to a higher floor than the one inhabited by most people. It is here the human rights (freedoms), common good become real. In the lower floors they are colored by private interests, lobbies, political parties, they become personal success. The dimension of the spirit isn’t an individual living, it develops together, it is the attitude of openness, doing things with a disposition towards what is greater, because a human being recognizes the precariousness of “I”; it is the attitude towards Something great.
- to become a co-creator of the Whole. In fact the evolutionary process has been transferred to a human being.

We share the Z.Bauman's conclusion that the current reality is characterized by individuals who do not have time nor space to relate with the everlasting, with absolute and established values.

Golden Hours Initiative is for the creation of relationships with absolute and established values.
Following Lautsi case, we, the leading Italian (Sicilian) Law Firm, call for sharing the ECtHR idea that all conditions of modern European culture should be Christian. Jesus essentially ate a Mediterranean diet and lived the Mediterranean Lifestyle, - Dr. Don Colbert reveals us.

Golden hours Initiative is to incline the Mediterranean lifestyle around the world.

In recent years a new variable came into play, the great crisis, which may affect lifestyle patterns. The mistakes teach us. “They teach us.. about the nature of intelligence”,- Carlo Rovelli says.
Golden Hours Initiative is for a choice of right Thinking Hat.
Golden Hours Initiative is for Intelligence, to try to understand.
Intelligence is not about stubborn adherence to your own opinions. It requires readiness to change and even discard those opinions. In order to understand the world, you need to have the courage to experiment with ideas, not to fear failure, to constantly revise your opinions, to make them work better. Because what’s important is not being right. It’s to try to understand.

A dominant theme of Golden Hours Initiative is the ethical principle of Reverence for Life, described by A. Schweitzer.

Golden Hours Initiative is the Epilogue for our major Initiative, Mindfulness Approach, and is lined with our Series on Mindfulness Initiative.

Two observations enlighten this Epilogue:
- the realization that the world is mysterious and complex;
- we have been born in a period of spiritual incline for mankind.

Our Golden Hours philosophy is to feel the same force in us that makes a stem live.
"The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
Drives my green age"- Dylan Thomas
It is our prana, our vital force that sustains not only the body but also the mind.

Golden Hours Initiative is
- to witness that a human being is much more than flesh and blood. “We are all spiritual being having a physical experience”;
- to clearly show how important what feeds us;
- to evidence the truth: “let us drink with joy the sober abundance of the Spirit (Laeti bibamussobriam profusionem Spiritus)”.
“The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”,-Einstein said.

Golden Hours Initiative is for being simple, the simplicity that comes from sobriety.
People all want very simple and natural things. We have come to a conclusion that boils down to two lines:
A human being does not need God, religion or anything else.
A person just wants to be protected, calm and happy, to live in abundance. Law and intelligence have nothing to do with this. But to protect their rights people go to authorities and lawyers.

As long as judges, lawyers, politicians themselves do not unload the warehouse of things they carry on their shoulders, they will not protect the Nature, the human rights of others, because they will continue to accumulate this load. They become so insensitive that they can no longer contact themselves, with their human rights, let alone the other people and their human rights.
The authorities, lawyers, judges, and politicians really want to protect Nature, the rights of human beings, but they cannot interconnect normally, in a healthy way.

Golden Hours Initiative is for everyone’s mystical experience.
Eastern mystics have a direct experience of reality and come to the enlightenment which is precisely an absolute knowledge, intuitive, direct, undivided, it is an embrace. The intellect is only a means of opening the way to direct mystical experience, which is called Awakening.

As history has shown atrociously, it is not enough to call oneself a good politician \ legislator \ judge \ lawyer \ human being to be one truly, and not even Christian, and not even Jews, and not even Muslims.
Nature\human rights protection is based on the essence of a human being and must be ensured by the state. The degree of realization is precisely something that entirely depends on internal conditions, on the degree of the achieved consciousness.

There is a lot of catching up to do and it is only possible by human united efforts.
People together can defeat even the strongest adversity.

Golden Hours Initiative is to clearly show how important the collaboration (team) is.
With the Golden Hours Initiative we continue our Initiative Studio Legale Diffuso.

Join us!

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