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Scuola legale Diffusa SleLAWorld
advises you on the investment in yourself,
in Sicily.

SleLAWorld team advises

on the investment,

led by Olga Nickole Kuyan

(Partner, PhD, PhD),

including Varvara Lepre

(Mediterranean LifeStyle Head)

Sicily, just off the toe of Italy's boot, is an exotic life experience within Europe. Sicily is in Europe, and it is not. As a part of Italy, Sicily enjoys all the living standards of a typical Southern European country. Still, Sicily is a place where kids play football on the streets, and people go to the beach when they get off work in the afternoon. Sicilian people enjoy spending time outdoors. You will be surprised by the hustle and bustle of the major cities day and night. And it's a safe place to stay for anyone including single female.
There are the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Sicily. It is a unique cultural combination of the civilizations that settled across the island over the centuries. Greeks, Arabs, Spaniards, and French left a mark on Sicilian architecture, language, food, and overall lifestyle.
In some Sicilian cities with a robust Arabic heritage, you will want to discover that the traditional dish is the couscous. You will wonder

if you are in Sicily or the Caribbean because of its vast unspoiled beaches in some other areas.

Campeggio sul mare

Do you know that Falcone Borsellino Palermo Airport was announced among the winners of the Best Airport Awards 2021 by the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe?

Mediterranean Diet topped the scale as the best diet overall in the annual best diet rankings for the fourth consecutive year.
The experts also highlight the fact that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower environmental impact as, among other things, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the use of energy, land and water.


Mediterranean climate is called the garden of the world.
Mediterranaean climate is also good for the health and there are many benefits for mind and body. The sea is also truly a natural and free medicine which can help regain a psychophysical balance.
Sicily offers the best retreats: Wellness, monastery, yoga, meditattion (tibetian), spiritual etc.
Sicily has seemingly eternal sunshine and a warm sea even in November.

This package makes it one very attractive destination.

From Palermo to Messina, there are the top towns to stop at.

There are IB World Schools and International Kindergartens in Sicily.

Sicilian children start in a sort of daycare-kindergarten similar to American children, and also have a similar elementary school (scuola elementare) that goes through the ages of about the fifth grade (six years old to ten).

From there, they have a middle school (scuola media, ages eleven to thirteen), and at fourteen they choose a high school to go to: a liceo or a professional school. Whether you want public or private schools, daycare, universities, or language classes, you can get  the best options in Sicily.

The Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele, an opera house and opera company located on the Piazza Verdi in Palermo, is the biggest in Italy, and one of the largest of Europe.

An Italian language learning, educational, adventure, cooking and culture trips to Sicily are the perfect objectives

Sicily is family, children and animals friendly, it is the best romantic getaway and very comfortable place for 50 plus.

Sicily has about 1,800 private health centres compared with 150 in the northern region of Lombardy. 

Sicily is for sport-lovers: Water sports,Air sports, Land sports, Extreme Sports are presented here.

Sicily is a vast and mountainous island.

Three ranges of mountains include several natural reserves and plenty of hiking trails that you can virtually enjoy most of the year because of the mild Sicilian temperatures all over the year.

Sicily also counts with a couple of ski resorts that you can use in the winter months and from which you can ski while taking a glance at the sea!

You can travel by train in Sicily.

The trains are fairly frequent and reliable.

Sicily offers a range of delights for art lovers of all varieties, from traditional Italian fresques and ceramics to modern art and photography, this unique Mediterranean island is a true gem, inspiring artists and art lovers alike.

Wonderfully varied artistic influences have created a culture of beauty at every turn.


Artists have been drawn to the island to make the most of the scenery and immerse themselves in a culture that values the aesthetics in life within an extremely fertile, lush landscape.

This is the island of Sicily, where life is enjoyed in its glorious simplicity from mountain to sea.

Every vista is like a painting, and the Mediterranean seems to be another World, where every grain

of sand, every lemon tree bloom are precious. The sun hits a vast expanse of deep blues and greens,

its surface sparkling like the bubbles in a glass of Prosecco.

From the top of any hillside, cliff, or mountain road, you can look out in awe at nature’s immaculate beauty.  When you travel, by foot or by old Vespa, the vista changes. This painting is full of beaches, where clear aquamarine water washes up your thoughts and feelings.


The world appreciates made in Italy and made in Sicily a lot.

Sicilian fashion companies are focusing on creativity, design, quality, culture, knowledge, sustainability.

In an increasingly globalized world they no longer sell "products": they sell "meanings".

Sicilian design, moda and craftsmanship play an important role in representing the economy of beauty with which the world identifies  "Bel Paese".

The cost of living in Sicily is very affordable. Sicily enjoys one of the lowest costs of living in the whole of Europe.
Simply put, Sicily is an excellent place for expats.
If you can look past some of the neglected buildings, you’ll see the heart and soul of Sicily are its people. This is expressed in the warm communities, delicious food and even better wine.
Life moves slower here, and it’s almost infectious to relax like the locals and stop sweating the small things. The Sicilian culture is rich and full of history but more importantly, is very welcoming – ideal for an expat.
Investing in Sicily is a great way in which to start: wage costs and living expenses are low, and quality of life is high.
60% of the Sicilian economy is in the service sector, but the region is also Italy’s agricultural heartland.

The island is a major exporter of pasta, wine, olive oil and other locally grown and cultivated products.

There is also a large ceramics industry. The main value here is in our unrivaled image.


By investing in Sicily you are buying into a name, iconography and cultural heritage which are key selling points when exporting goods. Many successful companies focus on sharing the stories behind their products.
Perhaps you have dreamed of creating your own produce? The cheap cost of land in Sicily, combined with the fertile soil and perfect climate make this kind of small industry very possible – as does the boom in demand for organic and small-scale produce. One idea we would recommend for its low startup costs and simple charm is to make your own olive oil.
If you will plan on buying new furniture and accessories for your Sicily, Italy home, a wide range of home furnishings and home decor accessories will be available for you in Sicily.

Sunset on the Coast_edited_edited.jpg

So if a slice of the Sicilian good life sounds like a dream to you, perhaps this is the place for you? 

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