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Golden hours.
Create Time for Well-being.

We all know the benefits strengthening and conditioning practices like physical training and meditation have on both the mind and the body.
Finding the time everyday to focus on our personal health and well-being has been proven to support our physical health, keep our stress levels in check and as a result strengthen our respiratory and immune systems.


The Scuola Legale Diffusa is pleased to announce the Golden Hours Initiative -

creative time for your wellbeing.

During this changing period of our lives, we argue that finding the time to fit in daily segments of time that are dedicated to meditation and exercising our bodies, is more important than ever.

Our Golden Hours philosophy:

Feel the same force in us that makes

a stem live.

- It means making the connection to life through natural rhythms;

-It means having the sense of a great and strong communion that runs through the entire creation and makes us united in the Whole;

- It means abandoning oneself to the Whole as the stem does, which offers no resistance,

- It means to urge it and push it forward;

- It means knowing how to enter the dynamics of life, of the harmonious relationship.

"The force that through the green fuse drives the flower Drives my green age"
Dylan Thomas

By nature we participate in all events, we are intertwined with them in a magnificent warp. 

We discover interconnection of all things and phenomena of the universe, sensed since the dawn of time.

If we just abandon ourselves to meditation and let our thinking go deeper, we feel an intimate connection, we feel we are part of the Whole.
Science then tells us that there is no particle that is lost or consumed, but everything flows from one use to another.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
― Albert Einstein

Our Golden Hours root in the ethic of Reverence for Life.

The article on Golden Hours titled “After COP26 Towards High Values. We don’t Need To Change The World.
Lawyers Step In. 10 Years after Lautsi v. Italy”
by Prof. ON Kuyan, Dr, PhD, is the scientific foundation for our approach.

"The ethic of Reverence for Life is the ethic of love widened into universality. It is the ethic of Jesus, now recognized as a logical consequence of thought."

- Albert Schweitzer

 How to gain the Golden Hours benefits: 

- Make it a habit - daily habits are super important to stay on top of your health and wellbeing. Adding lots of small habits to each day, accumulates to a lot of time spent on your mental and physical health each week and as a result ensures that you stay on top form, no matter what life throws at you.

- Just as you find time every morning and night to brush your teeth, you can find time to spend even just 20-25 minutes for a squeeze meditation and stretch.

- Habits are best built by using the technique of ‘stacking’ - once you have one habit solidly in place, you can easily bolt-on another. For example, you take your coffee once you have had your lunch and then as soon as you have taken your coffee you might bolt-on another habit like doing an 8 minute meditation immediately after.

- 60-90 minutes to stay on top form.
Our suggestion is to spend 60-90 minutes on key areas of your health. Choose 4 key things that you would like to focus even a small part of your day that you are not doing already. For example, you may do 30 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of physical training and 30 minutes of stretching.

Many of you will have already heard about the ‘Golden Hour’ concept -

various high-achievers advocate the idea.

You wake up an hour earlier than usual and then fill your hour with 3 x 20 minutes segments of time, each dedicated to something that promotes self-improvement.

For example, you may spend the first 20 minutes going for a walk/run, the next 20 minutes reading a book or article online and the last 20 minutes segment spending

20 minutes writing that novel you’ve always dreamed about.

It really is up to you how you divide the 60-90 minutes of time. By spending even just these 15 minutes everyday can really help you to keep health and wellbeing as a priority throughout your day and adds an extra 105 minutes of time to focus on your well being every week! 

The Golden Hours Initiative corresponds to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Mediterranean Lifestyle, - Principle 3  Although Work Is An Absolute Necessity It Is Also Essential That We Take Time For A Break- we live.

The Golden Hours Initiative continues and develops our Initiatives such as Scuola Legale Diffusa, Mindfulness Approach, Series on Mindfulness.

Join the SleLAWorld and Enjoy the Golden Hours..!

Golden h
Sabbia bianca e pietra

Mindfulness Approach Initiative

for Clients, Lawyers/Professionals, Collaborators

Legal education, legal science, legal research and the legal profession, like society at large, are in a period of transition. Lawyers, professionals and law students today face unprecedented challenges, from upheaval in the legal market, to seismic shifts in health care, financial markets, the environment and other sectors. We, legal professionals, need new skills, and we believe deeply that one of them is mindfulness, the ancient practice of moment-by-moment, non- judgmental awareness.
Mindfulness, like the rule of law, serves as a vehicle for establishing a more enduring stability.

“Lawyers survive in a sea of interconnected relationships. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is absolutely necessary. Mindfulness builds the muscle of EQ”

Charles Halpern

The Scuola Legale Diffusa announces the mindfulness approach to legal practice in order to increase awareness of mental health issues and improve well-being of our team/collaborators and to thrive and effectively service our clients in this time of uncertainty.

We, the International law school based in Sicily - charged and equipped to serve society, resolve conflict and establish a more stable order — is looking to mindfulness as a tool to help serve this noble end.

Global legal services delivering depends significantly upon the synthesis of the foundations, principles, established by law, and some top value that a lawyer is devoted to serve. We announce the mindfulness approach to legal practice, a powerful skill, a way of living and practicing.

The roots of our mindfulness are:
Christ and the Mediterranean Style of Life.
Jesus not only knew Mediterranean Lifestyle and mindfulness, but practiced and taught it.

"Christ is God’s Infinite Intelligence that is present in all creation. The Infinite Christ is the “only begotten son” of God the Father, the only pure Reflection of Spirit in the created realm. That Universal Intelligence, the Kutastha Chaitanya or Krishna Consciousness of the Hindu scriptures, was fully manifested in the incarnation of Jesus, Krishna, and other divine ones; and it can be manifested also in your consciousness."
Paramahansa Yogananda, The Yoga of Jesus: Understanding the Hidden Teachings of the Gospels

We announce that the Mediterranean Lifestyle is a manageable style of life, friendly to health and environment, that, when fortified with its biblical antecedent attributes, may prove to be the most enjoyable and considerably healthiest. 


We lay the foundation and pave the way for an urgently needed movement within the law that can, hopefully, only gain momentum. Such foundation and such way are applicable for every lawyer\professional/client, independently from the political settings, the nationality, the place of living, the job, the age etc.

We, Scuola Legale Diffusa, advocate the potentially transformative effect of mindfulness in law.

A basic feature of our mindfulness approach is the close link with scientific thought and research.

Studiare a casa

Features of our mindfulness approach are:

- We are professionals-thinkers.
-.We are global professionals, living the Mediterranean LifeStyle.
- We are contemplative professionals-mindfulness practitioners.
- We are aware professionals, conscious of our thoughts regarding application and interpretation of legal norms in a just way.
- We are wise professionals, full of prana energy.
- We are professionals-observers, grounding ourselves in the present case/legal issue, acknowledging what we are thinking and feeling – but without being negatively reactive to it.
- We are mindful professionals, aware of our emotions, and how we're feeling both physically and mentally. We are our best selves.


"Mindfulness means paying attention, but in a particular way: a) with intention, b) in the present moment, c) in a non-judgmental way"

- Jon Kabat-Zinn


The benefits of our mindfulness approach practice are numerous and varied:

- Bringing us back to the present and grounding us.
- Reducing stress, improving well-being, increasing immune functioning, boosting memory and focus, increasing relationship satisfaction, enhanced self-insight, morality and intuition.
- Developing the skills of creativity and of deep and open listening.
- Increasing the ability to transcend the dominating influence of the traditional adversarial mind-set to allow awareness of other perspectives.
- Developing negotiation skills by training in the maintenance of a delicate balance (in understanding, emotion and behaviour) necessary for making wise decisions.
- Fostering the ability for calm deliberation, which promotes better decision-making in difficult situations.
- Cultivating trial advocacy skills by developing internal abilities to, for example, remain centred in challenging moments in court and retain authenticity.
- Enhancing the performance of traditional legal tasks, such as learning, understanding and manipulating rules of law, drafting documents and litigating cases.
- Enhancing ethical practice through, for example, developing the self-reflection skills important to judgment and also because mindfulness makes it more likely that one will adopt universal norms such as honesty and fairness.
- Making the practice of law more meaningful and satisfying generally.
- Expanding focus to include broader orientations towards lawyering (for example, restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence, collaborative law and other healing, peace-making perspectives).


In our legal practice mindfulness means attention with intention in a present legal issue/case in a non judgmental way.
It can also be described as a way to achieve a fuller presence in every case/legal issue.


Just the things we pay attention to are alive and the things that do not receive our attention die. In our legal practice attention (experienced-based practice) is essential in validating our creativity to find a legal way resolving problems.

- We use the present moment as the core indicator of the appropriateness of particular choices.
- We pay attention to our thoughts as a part of our creativity centered on the Rule of Law.
- We focus on justice, more just decisions come.

In short, "You bring about what you think about".

How we implement mindfulness:

- We’ve introduced Golden Hours, designating hours in the day when our team members and collaborators feel free to take a break and spend some time for themselves. These golden hours provide our professionals with a sense of freedom to prioritize their own well-being.
- We’ve introduced a new Series on Mindfulness aimed at educating our team and our collaborators how to put this practice into every case/legal issue/working day.

The article on Mindfulness titled “Mindfulness, Quantum Physics and ‘well-being is a two-way street” by Prof. ON Kuyan, Dr, PhD, is the scientific foundation for our approach.
Those lawyers who are able to achieve this state of awareness may find it easier to then implement other reformal strategies. Every day Series will provide a basis for incorporating mindfulness into achieving zen and overall well-being for our team/collaborators and for the best legal services delivering for every client.

For more information, read The Series on Mindfulness or take a look at our Case Studies and News.


Initiative Scuola Legale Diffusa

In this situation of permanent instability, the greatest risk is that of losing the most solid certainties of the national tradition and becoming overwhelmed by events that can rock the entire legal services system, with unfavorable consequences.

Today we announce the launch of Scuola Legale Diffusa (SLD), a framework to embrace the changing world of work to support the needs of both lawyers and clients.

The article on Scuola Legale Diffusa titled To Take Law Seriously. Via quantum physics, mechanics.” by Prof. ON Kuyan, Dr, PhD, is the scientific foundation for our approach.

We started engaging in “law schools built around people” in the early 90s, and it took us thirty years to define the studio legale diffuso model as we see it today.

While we were researching on the topic, starting from

John Henry Merryman ''The Italian Style'' I, II (1965),

we understood we could not launch the Scuola Legale Diffusa concept with no theory supporting the unique model of legal services delivering, nor could we do without protecting the model by adding precise contents.
Therefore our research followed a double path:

"Many professions can be performed with the brain and not with the heart.

But not the lawyer.

The lawyer cannot be a pure logician,

nor an ironic skeptic. First of all,

the lawyer must be the heart. He is an altruist, someone who knows how to understand other people and make them live in themselves. The lawyer takes on their pains and feels their ambitions like his own.The lawyer is a profession of understanding, dedication and charity. This is why we love lawyer toga: we would like that, when the day comes, this black rag is placed on our coffin: to it we are fond of because we know that it has served to dry some tears, to relieve some headache, to repress some abuse: and above all to revive in human hearts the faith in the winning justice, without this faith the life does not deserve to be lived"

- Piero Calamandrei

The first path aimed at identifying the basic prerequisites to make the SLD concept become reality and have an economic feasibility, together with a value for its territory;

The second path aimed at creating a new model of the “Scuola Legale Diffusa”, not simply modifying legal services delivering models that already existed. But more than that, we wanted to create a model with cultural roots in Italy and in the history of Mediterranean style of life (legal life, icluding). A model which would be unique as well as “made in Italy”.

On this second aspect we investigated Italian Albergo Diffuso and the Japanese Ryokan model,

both of which fascinated us.
We were engaged by the opportunity to create the “law school” model, completely different from the UK/US “standard”, leading in Europe and Italy.

The most beautiful thing we take from Albergo Diffuso and Ryokan is to be more than just a place to get professional legal services, but an opportunity to experience the traditional Mediterranean style of life, incorporating features of the dominant force in Italian legal life: the traditional doctrine. It has seemed to us that the most productive approach to Mediterranean (Italian) Legal Style is by way of prevailing Italian attitudes towards law and the legal process. The Italian way of doing law and the Italian way of viewing law are closely interrelated and consequently an understanding of the Italian Legal Outlook is essential to comprehension of the Italian style. The norms, institutions and processes of Italian law become truly Italian only when seen through Italian eyes. This  orthodox  pattern  of  assumptions  and  attitudes,  although  clearly in decline, still sets the legal tone in Italy and is still characteristic of the Italian style: the theory of  the  sources  of  law;  the  principal  divisions  of  the  law;  and  the  ideology,  content, and arrangement of the Italian Civil Code of 1942. Each of these topics provides  additional  perspective  on  Italian  law  and  on  the Mediterranean (Italian) legal style. These topics also link with the  interplay  between  the  traditional  view  of  the  legal  process  and  the  great  political,  economic,  and  social  changes  that  have  swept  over  Italy during the last century. These events inevitably have left a powerful imprint on the country’s law and legal institutions and on Italian (Mediterranean) style of legal life.





We then added the idea that an SLD born in an old Italian (Sicilian) town –as we see- should also contribute to the development of the territory where it belongs and to the wide-spread of the Mediterranean Style of Life (including Style of Legal Life).

The Mediterranean Lifestyle pattern is a case study for a sustainable lifestyle.

The Mediterranean lifestyle, proclaimed on November 10th , 2010 in Nairobi UNESCO, "intangible cultural heritage of humanity", is an ancient tradition of the Mediterranean. It has the best scientific evidence for being healthy, together with economic and socio-cultural benefits.

Mediterranean Style of Life is research, a way of doing. A major challenge is that it is not applied by the majority of the population in the Mediterranean region and overworld, and any solution must involve equity—the socially just allocation of resources.

The task of SLD is the implementation of Mediterranean Style of Life with multi-stakeholder involvement, with the knowledge that “a well fed nation is a healthy nation is a sustainable and productive nation”.

That is exactly how we created an original concept for the Scuola Legale Diffusa, establishing its roots in the Italian legal culture and especially in the culture of small, middle-size family law firms and other professional enterprises, so that it would be different from other types of legal services delivering that were popular then both in Italy and worldwide.

What is Scuola Legale Diffusa?

Scuola Legale Diffusa is a model including an original physical/structural point of view as well as a unique philosophy and authentic services to clients.

Scale in Puglia

1. It is a unique legal style concept, different from the popular ones, like UK/US legal style; it was born to develop mediterranean style of life (icluding style of legal life) with inclusion of small italian enterprises in hamlets and old towns without changing their characteristics. It does not require any mobility, moving to another place, just organizing what is already there.

Local Professionals with the right skills will be able to apply to work as part of SleLAWorld team on specific projects, with the option to work flexibly and from home where appropriate.
More information will be available shortly in the News Zone.

Studio legale diffuso
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