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Christmas. Natale.

Date 24.12.2021

Pontem Mundus s.p.d.
Tonight, not tomorrow .. tonight your liberator wants to meet you in your flesh, in what you do not like, to tell you that you too have the right to great joy, yes, you who believe that happiness is a dress that doesn't suit you! And be careful that missing the opportunity for this joy does not simply mean missing the opportunity for a meeting but missing the opportunity of life, the opportunity to give a dimension of depth to your existence. Meeting Christ who wants to be born in your life means discovering that light that can give meaning to your shadows, to your moments of despair, to every piece of your person, even the most apparently insignificant ones, means to discover that you are made for beauty. The essence of your life does not lie in a series of moral laws to be followed in view of a reward or a punishment; your life consists of an encounter, an encounter that changes you radically, that makes you beautiful, always, if you accept the disarming innocence of a child. You have to start over with the child in you, you have to have the courage to be reborn right there, where you are now. So celebrating Christmas is not celebrating one party but celebrating your rebirth in front of the gaze of Someone who tells you: "You are always a marvel in my eyes".  Tonight, not tomorrow! Don't miss this appointment .. Merry Christmas to you all! Dies sint tibi laetitiae ac successuum pleni!

Olga Nickole Kuyan

- Good morning.
- Just don't impose your opinion!
(Odessa humor)

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