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Happy New Year!

Dr. Olga Nickole Kuyan

31 Dec 2021

2022 Universal year 6

Happy New Year! Amo ergo sumus. We congratulate, sending to all and everyone a verse in the style of the Japanese three-verse Haiku and a photo taken in Sicily today on 12/31/2021 with the rose of peace - as a symbol of a paradigm, a new consciousness, an era of synthesis and dialogue, polyphony, a symphony of cultures and beliefs.
Black hole. Light. Gravity.
Force. Courage. Fiat. Fire.
Glory. Gratitude. Happiness. - Freedom.

2022 Universal year 6
Moon + Moon + Moon = Venus
It will be a year with powerful feminine energy, a year that marries and / or divorces, in every aspect of life ...
On the positive side, it brings insights, collaborations, hospitality, beauty and love…! Contracts of all kinds that are born under a lucky star…!
On the negative side, we should pay attention to the various forms of manipulation, extremism, fixations, delusions and divisions / separations of various kinds ...
It is clear that each of us will experience it in different ways in correlation to our personal numbers ...
We hope you always get the best…!

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