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Business Full Time Lawyer?

Studio legale Luricella

15 Oct 2021

Every Business Needs Legal Help.
That Doesn't Mean Every Company Needs a Business Full Time Lawyer

The legal profession is changing. Among other questions, we address reframing the politics around legal service delivering for business.

More companies are hiring their own lawyers to save on legal fees instead of always hiring lawyers at law firms (a.k.a. outside counsel). These company lawyers, or in-house counsel, give companies advice on day-to-day issues.

We have spent years considering a question that’s central to any legal system: Does every business need a full time lawyer?

We have found that Yes, companies do need full-time lawyers and companies definitely still use outside counsel for bigger or more complex legal matters.
We have found that especially for everyday business matters, many companies would benefit more from what we like to call the “just resolution” of legal problems: "the problem is solved" is the best phrase for any business. Across a number of common business problems nonstaff advocates/lawyers, many and different professionals, responding to the legal and support business needs have been observed to perform as well or better than staff lawyer/s in a company.

We have also found that the phrase "the problem is solved" could be pronounced by a lawyer who knows the territory. Hire lawyers who know the territory is the best way for any business.

Sometimes there is a temptation to hire a lawyer from out of the territory. Maybe it’s because of the idea that a lawyer working in New York is more qualified than one from Palermo.

Or maybe it’s because of a concern that a local lawyer won’t work as hard on your case because they don’t want to damage relationships with prosecutors or judges. Hiring a lawyer who knows, and regularly works in the jurisdiction in which you are going to do your business, is very often a critical factor in the success of any business.

Hire a lawyer that doesn’t give you any doubts. After all, you may only get one shot at this decision. You want to be certain that the decision you make is the right one for you.

Are you ready to take the next step? Call our team.

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