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Varvara Lepre

Lead for the firm’s innovation creation practice,
Mediterranean Lifestyle


Varvara Lepre is Head of the Mediterranean Lifestyle as well as meditation instructor and creative specialist.

For over 8 years she has studied and practiced a number of meditation traditions, with special attention to mind-body connection, mindfulness-based art therapy, mindful cooking, mindful eating, Mediterranean diet, and the healing power of horses. Varvara is certified expert, with qualifications and demonstrated experience and success working with special populations, people with health conditions, as well as different life stage groups, such as prenatal, kids, or geriatric.

Varavara oversees program and staff development.

She is an Image specialist.

Contact details

Curriculum Vitae

Palermo, Cefalù, Sicilia

+39 3496748346

Speaks Russian, English, Italian

She recognizes the ability of body training/practices and meditation to balance and enhance all aspects of our lives and to cultivate optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit. Her background includes training in the art&image, animal communication, horse/nature's healing practices which bring a unique awareness of the flow of energy in and around us to her work. Through her work and practices Varvara hopes to create an environment of healing and wellness which you take with you throughout life.
Varvara, who has the experience of innovation and creative business at KbyN, will work with SLL’s lawyers and clients to develop new patterns, systems and processes that improve the delivery of its services.
The Studio Legale Lauricella Mediterranean Lifestyle unit was created by the firm in Autumn 2021 with a brief to ensure the firm stays at the forefront of the advances that will shape the sector and the firm's future client service model.
Its responsibilities include the Cefalu-based Pontem 0921, a legal research incubator supported by the University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy, which is in turn part of the firm’s Pontem. Porta. Praesto. and the Studio Legale Diffuso.

The unit also oversees SLL's campaign 'Proud To Be', the theme for 2022, where we encourage Mediterranean people to share what they are proud to be. The campaign aims to make Pontem 0921 personal and unique to individuals, families, communities and organisations/companies, focusing on how history is continuously being made.Avv. Salvatore Lauricella said: "I am delighted to welcome Lepre to SLL, where her experience, skills, and cultural fit will make her an invaluable member of the team driving innovative creative client solutions at the firm".Before joining Studio Legale Lauricella, she worked as a creative professional, leading on creative management, social and technical development. 

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