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Legal outsourcing (offshoring)


€ 6000


1 year

About the Service

To support the research community, to get innovation to market, bringing business and research closer, any natural/legal person can participate in conducting this Integral Ecology, human rights protection scientific research (duration - 3-4 years, 8 000 working hrs, budget – 240 000 - 300 000 euro), having the choice to participate with any amount she/he/it wants.
New collaborations will be built on mutually-beneficial terms and conditions: participating in this Initiative, a natural/legal person gets from SleLAWorld on favourable terms.
The duration of Legal counseling/Legal outsourcing (offshoring) on favourable terms will be equivalent to her/his/its participation (for example, if a company participates in the Initiative with 6 000 euro, it can get on its choice our Legal counseling on favourable terms 2 years or our Legal outsourcing (offshoring) for one year etc).
SleLAWorld will conclude the legal counseling/legal outsourcing (offshoring) contract with a collaborator-client on favourable terms.
Confirmed collaboration in the Initiative will be the ground for concluding the contract.

Your Lawyers



SlaLAWorld is launching Elegantia iuris - inaugural Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, targeting Integral Ecology and human rights causes.
We invite all persons, both natural and legal, both public and private, to participate in future Integral Ecology and human rights protection modelling.

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