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The people, processes and investment to transform legal services globally 

Our commitment to clients means we are reshaping our services around your evolving needs to make delivery quicker, simpler, more efficient and more robust. We, the Scuola Legale Diffusa , are a law school that has no offices across the different countries, but converted out of various collaborators / partners in an ecosystem-community. It runs directly from Sicily (Italy), providing legal research, legal consciousness, normal legal services.

Our innovative concept of the Scuola Legale Diffusa was born, following the Pandemic's dramatic effect on the business and people and the need to change the legal service delivering.


For us every client requirement is unique. So we listen, then provide the best mix of legal talent and technology for each task.

By applying our expertise, embracing the
 Legale Diffusa, mindful legal practice and other innovations and investing in technology and scientific research, we are setting new standards in the value and outcomes achieved. That makes our delivery more effective, every time.



We call this PONTEM (BRIDGE)

Defining the future

The future belongs to those who create bridges, who collaborate. We have created Studio Legale Diffuso, with central offices in Sicily (Italy) and through collaborators, partners, located in different areas of the world. It's a bridge, where clients, lawyers, leading academic institutions, experts, real estate professionals, doctors, health and beauty care & moda & design & tourism professionals and our own team come together to share and develop new ideas that will shape our sector.

WE call this PORTA (DOOR)
Open mind transformation through tech

The future belongs to those with open minds, to the openers of doors. In Sicily (Italy) we have created Scuola
 Legale Diffusa, providing legal assistance and advice to companies and physical persons for any matter, big and small, starting from real estate, health, moda, design, art, culture, tourism matters, and ending with business matters.  PORTA is where we combine our legal expertise with technology to solve complex client challenges and requirements. 

Praesto et presto every time

By bringing together our specialist expertise with the mindfulness tools and resources, we deliver an outstanding client experience.

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